Fillings and Frosting Choices

~Fillings ~

  • American buttercream or Swiss butter cream with the following flavors: 

* vanilla * chocolate * white chocolate * nutella  * fresh fruit * pistachio *

  • Lemon curd
  • Lime curd
  • Raspberry or any fresh fruit in season
  • Gnash
  • Whipped cream
  • Salted caramel
  • Cream cheese 
  • Marshmallow


  • American buttercream with the flavor of your choice
  • Swiss buttercream, a meringue based frosting finished with butter.  Very smooth and pleasing to the palate.  Not as sweet as American buttercream.  
  • Gnash either white or dark chocolate. This is a pourable frosting usually over a buttercream 


  • All cakes made with fondant have an under layer of buttercream.  Makes for beautiful decorations. There is an extra charge for cakes made with fondant.  
  • Coconut - Sweet coconut sponge made with real coconut milk. Moist and full of flavor. Perfect with a raspberry, lemon, or lime curd filling.  Topped off with a coconut buttercream.
  • Dark Chocolate - Made with espresso to enhance the coco flavor. You can be daring here and go with an all chocolate cake or fill it with a peanut butter or fruit filling.  All is possible!
  • Pistachio - Topped off with pistachio whipped cream and crumbled pistachio nuts.
  • Champagne - Real champagne infused sponge, filled with strawberry whipped cream and topped with champagne strawberry butter cream.
  • Lemon - Filled with one layer of raspberry and one layer of lemon curd.  Finished with Swiss lemon butter cream.
  • Almond - Full of almond flavor and baked to perfection.  The possibilities of fillings are endless.  I do recommend a Swiss almond butter cream topping... yummy
  • White Chocolate - When you taste this sponge it is a surprise in your mouth.  Pairs well with a fruit filling and why not throw in a chocolate gnash for extra decadence.
  • S'mores - Chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling. Topped with a toasted meringue and sprinkled gram cracker crumb. 
  • Carrot  - Made with freshly graded carrots and filled and toped  with cream cheese.

* All cakes and cupcakes can be filled with your choice of fillings.  Same goes for the frosting.  Your choice.  Don't be afraid of being creative, and remember I'm here to help.

* all cakes and cupcakes will be planned and decorated with your theme to match you're event . 

* If you don't see a flavor here, just ask, I will make it.  All cakes are made to order.     

A delicious and perfectly decorated cake will be the centerpiece of your special occasion.  As a boutique baker, I pride myself in creating a cake that will amaze your guests.  It will "taste better then it looks". Below are examples of the cake\cupcake flavors that I offer, however,  you can choose any combination that you desire. 

 tastes even better THAN it looks

Colleens Sweet Creations

Specialty Cakes and Cupcakes

  • Vanilla - Moist and delicious you choose the filling and frosting. the possibilities are endless.
  • Chocolate - Decadent, rich and full of flavor.  who doesn't love chocolate!
  • Strawberry - Fun and fruity.  A lighter choice for cake, or at least we can tell ourselves that.
  • Red Velvet - Definitely a customer favorite.  Filled and topped with a cream cheese frosting.

Colleens Sweet Creations

Classic Cakes and Cupcakes